Spy On Your Competitors’ Local Keyword Strategy to Dominate the Market

AdSentence is a spy tool gives you all of the data you need to understand your competitors’ Adwords strategy. Our unique analysis tool lets you see how your competitors are advertising to any local market in the world (and every US market) so you can beat them at their own game. Now you have the data to compete and win your local Adwords market.

Location, location, location

AdSentence allows you to view location specific Adwords results for anywhere in the USA (and around the world). No matter what location you want to compete in, AdSentence gives you the data you need to win.

Hourly Analysis

Now you can see what time of day your competitors are spending a lot and ranking high, or when they’ve spent their budget and are ranking low. Now you know who has the leading market share at any given time.

Title and Meta Description Analysis

Have you wondered what words all your competitors are using? Our proprietary dataset tells you how often words are used in the title and meta description of everyone’s ads for the location you select.

Spy the Competition

Never again will you wonder how your competitors are targeting your local market. You can see how many different ads they have, the text they use, and how often they appear. This lets you see your competition’s strategy, and tweak it to your advantage.

Advertise to the World, One Location at a Time

Our unique platform gives you the information that other Adword spy tools don’t: location specific data.
You finally have access to the information you need to analyze the advertising strategy in each individual location, to strengthen your own Adword’s campaign. Location is no longer a limitation for your Adwords strategy.
Google has over 98,000 locations around the world. Pick the one you want to start dominating right now with our free trial.

Why choose AdSentence

You’ll understand the SEM tactics your competitors use for the locations and keywords that you compete in.

Most Google Ads have been split tested countless times to find the words that convert the best. Now you can analyze which words they use the most to strengthen your own campaigns.

Our detailed report gives you the information to understand the PPC strategy of your competitors and when you should be adjusting your bids for maximum ROI.

You will know when your competitors aren’t ranking for a keyword, so you can take advantage.

AdSentence lets you learn who your biggest competitor is. You might be surprised to learn which of your competitors are always ranking highly and which ones you don’t have to worry about. Alter your strategy accordingly.

We don’t use obsolete data that is no longer relevant. We only start indexing the data once you ask us to, so you always have the most applicable data to use.

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Check The Data

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Monitor the Competition

You can comeback whenever you want to check the new data that is added every hour.

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